Friday, August 19, 2011

Hipster Helvetica released to the Android Market!!!

Market Description:
Are you a Hipster with a Rooted Android Device?

Do you love Williamsburg, Brooklyn, PBR and the Fleet Foxes???

If you said yes, then chances are, you probably also love HELVETICA... the greatest font known to man.

Now you can have the full hipster experience on your ROOTED Android device, with Hipster Helvetica... an app that changes the default font on your phone to Helvetica.

Pro Tip: Helvetica looks especially amazing when combined with the MIUI custom ROM... you will be the envy of your adult kick-ball league!

This app requires a ROOTED Android device with Busybox installed (which is included in almost all third-party ROMs).

***Legal Notice***
The TTF Font included in this Application is NOT Commercially Licensed Helvetica, but rather a FREELY licensed alternative.