Friday, November 18, 2011

NerdRAGE is moving to OpenFeint!

After the unexplained service-wide failure of the ScoreNinja leaderboard earlier this week, we have decided to migrate NerdRAGE to the OpenFeint social gaming framework!

Switching to OpenFeint will bring a greatly advanced leaderboard and game achievements to NerdRage, in addition to other nifty features. We hope to release an update shortly!

P.S. To all those who have contacted us to say that the game is "Too Short"... we have not been ignoring you... we are adding content and mechanics to avoid repetitious gameplay in our next release! Thanks for your continuing support!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Massive Update to NerdRAGE BETA Released!

Here is the Changelog:

* Complete Map Overhaul (You can now have some concept of where you are and where you're going!)
* Added Keys, Doors, Stores, Bosses and more!
* Added More Trivia Questions!
* Modified Looting System to be more understandable.
* Changed Win Conditions and Scoring/Leveling calculations.
* Minor UI Tweaks
* Tons of Bugfixes and Play Mechanic Optimizations!

Download it from the android Market and let us know what you think!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Greetings from New York Comic Con!

We are at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhatten, attending the New York Comic Con. Besides simply being huge fans of the entire nerd genre, we are here to promote the release of our newest creation... our first ever game for the Android platform, NerdRAGE: Wrath at the Con.

NerdRAGE is a nerd based RPG that includes tons of nerdy pop culture references, a bunch of bad guys, cool loot and challenging trivia. The game is currently a public beta release and is available on the Android market.

NerdRAGE is still a work in progress and we would love to hear your feedback!


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hipster Helvetica Updated... Now with 300% More Obscure Awesomeness!!

Hipster Helvetica has been updated to address the "Missing Symbols" issue that users were experiencing.

Hipster Helvetica now uses the very awesome Coolvetica True Type Font, which supports a wide range of exotic characters and looks amazing doing it.

Hipsterify your Android Device Today!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hipster Helvetica released to the Android Market!!!

Market Description:
Are you a Hipster with a Rooted Android Device?

Do you love Williamsburg, Brooklyn, PBR and the Fleet Foxes???

If you said yes, then chances are, you probably also love HELVETICA... the greatest font known to man.

Now you can have the full hipster experience on your ROOTED Android device, with Hipster Helvetica... an app that changes the default font on your phone to Helvetica.

Pro Tip: Helvetica looks especially amazing when combined with the MIUI custom ROM... you will be the envy of your adult kick-ball league!

This app requires a ROOTED Android device with Busybox installed (which is included in almost all third-party ROMs).

***Legal Notice***
The TTF Font included in this Application is NOT Commercially Licensed Helvetica, but rather a FREELY licensed alternative.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Updates Released for (Nearly) All Soapbox Apps

Soapbox Apps released minor updates to nearly all of our apps today. The updates include some minor bugfixes and optimization.

Updated apps are as follows:

Andguard Pro
Masqed Crusader
Mr. Nice Guy
Optimus Memory Manager

We have been very busy with work on new and exciting Android projects! If you have any suggestions for future updates, please drop us a line at

Monday, May 23, 2011

AndGuard and AndGuard Pro Now Utilize the RootTools Framework

AndGuard and AndGuard Pro have both been partially re-written to utilize the RootTools framework (developed by Stericson and found here:

This change should dramatically increase compatibility across a wide array of devices and custom ROMs (including those running Gingerbread) and increase the accuracy of root/busybox detection.

Updates are available now in the Android Market.

Thanks for using AndGuard for Root!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Nice Guy Help Documentation

Mr. Nice Guy is a Tool for Altering the CPU Scheduling Priority of Any Application Installed on your Device. It is for Root Users Only.

What Does Mr. Nice Guy Do?

* Modifies the NICENESS of any application installed on the system, which effects how high or low a priority it has with the CPU scheduler.

Usage Examples

* Raising the priority of a game or application to increase its performance.

* Decreasing the priority of a resource-heavy application or live wallpaper that is slowing down your device.

* Increasing the priority of Android's phone application (accessible via the options menu) to make it more responsive when receiving calls.


While Mr. Nice Guy can alter the CPU scheduler priority of a process, it is important to remember that the Android OS can still kill or re-prioritize any process it desires, therefore it may be necessary to re-apply your priority settings from time to time.

Thanks for using Mr. Nice Guy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Masqed Crusader Major Update - Bugfixes and NEW Features!

Masqed Crusader 3.6.3


-Added Advanced Options Menu (for disabling/enabling ad-blocking and switching between Google DNS and OpenDNS)

-Removed Airplane Mode Toggling (and it's associated permission)

-Fixed Browser Cache Issues (should eliminate lost internet connection issues)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Masqed Crusader: Feature Wishlist

Features We are Working on for the Next Update:

-Autostart after Reboot

-User-Selectable DNS Server Settings (DONE)

-Option to Disable Ad-Blocking (DONE)

-Toggle Widget

Massive Update for Masqed Crusader

*Massive Update*


-Code Completely Re-Written to Utilize the New RootTools Framework (Should Dramatically Increase Compatibility with Nearly ALL Rooted Devices)

-App Now Automatically Updates Dnsmasq to Latest Stable Version (Fixes ALL Performance and Battery Drain Issues)

-Built-in Busybox Detection (via RootTools)

If you experience any issues after updating, Please reboot your device.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Version of Masqed Crusader Now Available on the Market

Due to popular demand, a free trial version of Masqed Crusader has been release to the Market for evaluation purposes.

Hopefully this will cut down on low ratings for the full version app, due to incompatibility.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AndGuard and AndGuard Pro Updated... Minor Bugfix

Andguard and Andguard Pro (iptables) both received a minor update today.


-Added Better Busybox Error Detection

Masqed Crusader Update! Major Bugfix.

Masqed Crusader 2.9.5 is now Available!


-Fixed Lost Connectivity Issues
-Added Better Busybox Error Detection
-Fixed Dnsmasq Performance Issues

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Issues with AndGuard on Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3)

It has come to our attention that upgrading to Gingerbread (2.3.3) has broken AndGuard for some users.

We believe this to be a result of  Busybox either not being installed or installed in a non-standard location on some stock Gingerbread ROMs.

To fix, simply install and run Busybox by Stericson off the Android Market (, this free app will ensure that you have the latest version of busybox properly installed on your system.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Andguard and AndguardPro Hosts file Blocklists UPDATED!

These new Blocklists should dramatically improve Ad-Blocking performance.

Head over to the market and grab your update now... remember to re-apply your desired level of protection if you are upgrading.

Of course, no ad-blocking method is 100% effective, so try not to expect the impossible :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help Documentation For The Masqed Crusader

The Masqed Crusader is a Network Optimization Tool for Root Users Only.

What Does The Masqed Crusader Do?

* Improves overall network speed on both WiFi and Mobile data (2g/3g etc..) connections by locally caching nameserver data and forcing the use of Google's fast DNS servers.

* Increases privacy by avoiding the use of your wireless carrier's DNS servers. When paired with end-to-end encryption (i.e. using https when possible, running TOR etc...) this can diminish your carrier's ability to spy on you while using mobile internet.

* In addition, it provides effective ad-blocking functionality by redirecting ad-server requests.

Technical Stuff.

Masqed Crusader uses dnsmasq, which acts as a middle man, between your device and the DNS server. Dnsmasq caches recent DNS lookups locally and uses hashing to quickly search that cache. The Masqed Crusader runs dnsmasq with a customized configuration file that is optimized for use with mobile devices, and constantly enforces its use by ensuring that the device looks to itself ( for all DNS lookups.

* Some Wireless Tethering Apps also use dnsmasq to work, and therefore will not function when Masqed Crusader is ONLINE... To use wireless tethering, simply put Masqed Crusader OFFLINE.

If you experience an unusual loss of internet connectivity, try turning Masqed Crusader off and on again, if this does not work, then toggle the device in and out of Airplane Mode.

Explanation of Permissions

Masqed Crusader requests SuperUser Permissions three times when it is first run, one request is for the app itself to be allowed, the other two are for shell scripts that are utilized to accomplish the tasks of both starting dnsmasq and configuring the device to use it.

In addition to SU Permissions, Masqed Crusader also asks for: Storage (writing config files to the SD card), Read Phone State (to re-apply DNS settings when the phone changes networks) and Start at Boot (to reset the status message after a reboot)

***Please remember that network speeds vary greatly and are dependent on a number of factors.***

Thanks for using The Masqed Crusader!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New App: Optimus Root Memory Optimizer

Market Description:

Optimus is a Memory Optimizer for ROOT users only.

Optimus improves system performance and battery life by adjusting Android's internal memory settings. 

How does it work?
Android automatically kills background processes when system memory falls below a certain threshold. Optimus changes those memory settings, causing Android to free up memory more aggresively, thereby increasing system performance and battery life.

Optimus has three different settings: Moderate, Balanced and Extreme.

Optimus is a SAFER alternative to traditional Task Killers, which are known to cause damage to the Android operating system.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Service Notes is Now Available!

Service Notes is now available on the Android Market.

Service Notes is a simple note-taking app for Jehovah's Witnesses, designed to replace the use of hand-written House-to-House records. 

Service Notes allows you to enter and store your territory records quickly and easily. The interface is simple, easy to use and designed to mimic the look and function of the House-to-House record form.

Disclaimer: This app was designed solely to provide convenience for those that prefer to store their records digitally, and as such, bears no affiliation with the Watchtower Bible and Track Society.