Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Content Update for NerdRAGE and Donate Version Now Available

NerdRAGE 1.5.0 - RC1

* Raised Level Cap to 4
* Added More Trivia Questions, Enemies and Loot!
* Modified Enemy and Boss Difficulty
* Raised Intellect Cap
* Added VIP Area Gatekeeper (Must be Level 3 or higher to Enter)
* Added Ammo Buff (Player now occasionally finds Ammo if they have a Ranged Weapon)
* Modified Scoring Calculations to Discourage Score Farming
* Fixed Several Minor Bugs

If you like NerdRAGE and want to support its further development, please consider purchasing the new  "Donate" version of our game, available on the Android Market. The donate version will receive new content and features before the free version, as a small token of our gratitude.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NerdRAGE Update Release!

NerdRAGE 1.4.2 - Beta

* Switched from ScoreNinja to the OpenFeint Gaming Network
* Added Achievements and Updated Leaderboard
* Questions are now Repeated until Answered Correctly.
* Added Questing (Small Side-Missions that grant Unique Rewards)
* Updated Scoring calculations.
* Increased Difficulty/Play-Through Length via increased enemy spawning chance
* Fixed Several Minor Bugs
* New Cheat Code Added :)

* More Questions, Levels, Enemies and Loot!!