Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Nice Guy Help Documentation

Mr. Nice Guy is a Tool for Altering the CPU Scheduling Priority of Any Application Installed on your Device. It is for Root Users Only.

What Does Mr. Nice Guy Do?

* Modifies the NICENESS of any application installed on the system, which effects how high or low a priority it has with the CPU scheduler.

Usage Examples

* Raising the priority of a game or application to increase its performance.

* Decreasing the priority of a resource-heavy application or live wallpaper that is slowing down your device.

* Increasing the priority of Android's phone application (accessible via the options menu) to make it more responsive when receiving calls.


While Mr. Nice Guy can alter the CPU scheduler priority of a process, it is important to remember that the Android OS can still kill or re-prioritize any process it desires, therefore it may be necessary to re-apply your priority settings from time to time.

Thanks for using Mr. Nice Guy!

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