Thursday, October 18, 2012

Massive Masqed Crusader Update!!

We are pleased to announce the release of a MASSIVE update to Masqed Crusader, which should resolve the vast majority of reported issues and bugs. We would also like to take this time to personally apologize for the delay in making this update available and to all those whose emails we were unable to respond to...we pledge to provide top notch customer support going forward.

Here are just some of the improvements we've made in our new update:

MASSIVE UPDATE - Ver. 3.9.9 Released 10/18/2012
-Fixed Issues that caused WiFi Tethering to break on some devices.
-Implemented better Root/SU/Busybox availability checking which should eliminate 99% of Force Closing issues reported
-Compatible with ICS and Jellybean (tested through version 4.1.2)
-Switched to new data storage methods, increasing compatibility across devices with no SD card (i.e. Nexus 7) or with unusual SD card configurations.
-Updated RootTools framework for better compatibility.
-And much more.

The above changes have also been migrated into our free trial version of Masqed Crusader

Here is a link to the updated Masqed Crusader

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  1. Interesting to see this app is still getting updates but AndGuard Pro is not. Has IpTables-based adblocking been rolled into MC? If so, is there any way users that paid for AndGuard Pro can get a discount on MC?