Monday, February 18, 2013

Masqed Crusader is on SALE!

For a limited time only we are offering Masqed Crusader for $2.50 (50% off regular price!)

Get it while it's hot!


  1. I'm using the Masqed Crusader Trial and it's not working correctly.

    1: Anytime it on, and check DNS with Set DNS, the Active DNS shows as a local DNS:

    2: Going into Advanced Options, selecting OpenDNS then applying takes me back to the main screen where it still shows Google DNS as the option selected. I turn it on anyway and check my device DNS again. It's still set to a local DNS.

    Am I doing something wrong. I wanted to buy the Pro version, but not if it's going to not work like the Trial.

  2. Is this not the way it is supposed to work with dnsmasq querying the Google servers and Android being served by local host.

  3. Hello, I have an idea for your app.
    If your app will allow to edit dnsmasq.conf like linux-based systems, I think more people will want to buy it. It needs for services like Pandora radio. There aren't analogous apps for android . Thanks!

  4. Update to fix airplane mode permission denial or open source it PLZ