Sunday, October 17, 2010

Known Roms/Devices that Work/Don't with AndGuard

This List is a Work in Progress.... Please leave feedback so we can make this list more complete.

Known Working
-G1/HTC Dream (Running CyanogenMod6)
-MT3G (Running CyanogenMod6)
-Motorola Cliq (AdlxMod and j_r0dd Roms)
-Sony Xperia X10 (Rooted, w/ busybox)
-Should Run on almost any *Stable* CM6 Rom

***Should work on ALL phones with Busybox installed/working and a /system partition that can be mounted as Read/Write***

To test if AndGuard will work on your phone:

In Terminal Emulator:
Type "su" and hit enter.
Type "busybox mount -o rw,remount /system" and hit enter.
If no errors are displayed, AndGuard SHOULD work on your device...

Unless it is...

Known Not Working 
-MT3G Slide (Any ROM) AndGuard causes the device to reboot when it tries to remount /system as read-only.

Known Issues
-Sony Xperia X10 *Works* but may prevent Timescape UI from updating at Level 3 Protection

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